Monday, 8 November 2010

The coop is feathered!

Part 1 - Pre Chicken preparation
The coop has arrived - like a perky wooden penthouse, it proudly sits on top of a 4 metre long fully enclosed run.  It is a marvellous thing, solidly built, substantial - I love it. Much better than the first one that came, the one I ordered from the internet, which was sent back pronto and a refund demanded. Frankly a three legged blind fox with its paws tied behind its back could have got in in seconds.

The coop itself looks tiny for 4 birds. But apparently thats the way they like it. Big run, small house, so they can snuggle up at night and keep cosy. I almost feel like climbing in myself.

So the weekend was spent sinking chicken wire under the flower bed so that Mr Foxy and his evil ginger diggy paws can't tunnel underneath. The straw has been fluffed up around their roosting bars, and the feeder and drinker are in settled in place.

I now proudly look at it every morning, counting down the days ‘til the girls arrive, which is TOMORROW!! 

Watch this space. No eggs anticipated for at least a week, but I will be posting some ideas for future recipes. And some photos of my feathered friends on their first day in a Bristol back garden.


  1. You should make this Cauliflower Cake if you find yourself with an egg glut (which I suspect you might!). It uses 10 eggs and it's sensational!

  2. Thanks Monica! It looks fabulous, and I love Ottolenghi's food. No eggs yet, keep checking though!