Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The girls have arrived, the egg-speriment is just beginning

I am now the proud, very proud, owner of 4 beautiful girls. Doris, a light sussex; Mabel, a bluebell; Sam, a columbian blacktail and Ellie, a rhode rock. I have been waiting for this day for weeks!

So far Doris is the brave one and is busy exploring her run in the Bristol drizzle. The others are chillin' in the penthouse.  Mutley, the 10 year old jack russell, is very curious and is busy sniffing around the coop. And I can watch it all happening from the comfort of the kitchen sink. Washing up has never seemed so appealing....

I was really hoping to take some photos to adorn my blog today, but I don't want their first public showing to be with damp feathers. Maybe the sun will shine tomorrow?

I must say a huge thanks to Annie Hall, of Annie Halls Poultry who supplied not only my gorgeous coop and run but also the girls themselves and all the bits and pieces I need to care for them. Annie really is a one-stop-chicken-shop. www.anniehallspoultry.co.uk

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