Tuesday, 18 August 2015

#HowToEatOutside competition with online local grocery store Fresh Range

Like most food-obsessives, I really care about where my food comes from - that the people who produce it do so with care, even passion, and that their animals are treated with the respect they deserve. And also that they get paid properly for the job they do, just as all of us expect to be remunerated fairly for the hours we put in at the coal face.

But, there is always a but, as a working mum I am often be stretched towards breaking point and out of necessity I do the majority of my shopping online, jabbing out a rushed order on my laptop whilst spinning the plates of life furiously (and often badly) ..... catching up on emails and phone calls, testing and writing recipes, cleaning the house, trying to stop the garden becoming a jungle, feeding kids and pets. Many of you know just how it is, of that I'm certain.

And to be honest with you, shopping (food shops included) is one of my least favourite activities and when I do have free time I'm more likely to be found walking up a hill, running around a beach with my dogs or kayaking with my family than I am wandering about the city hunting out delicious local sustainable food. 

Which is why I was so interested to hear about Fresh Range, a Bristol/Bath online food shop - a local Ocado if you will - who deliver locally sourced fresh products direct to my door in reusable, recyclable, sustainable packaging, grown and produced by farmers passionate about their products who are paid fair and square for them*. And at prices truly comparable to the supermarkets. Its sounds to me like just the service I've been craving, local farmers market food, delivered to my door on a day I chose when I'm out trying to earn a crust and juggle childcare, or simply out having fun. 

My latest book - How to Eat Outside - is all about combining the two things I love doing most in life - being in the fresh air and eating. Luckily for me the lovely folk at Fresh Range are fully on board with that ethos and have offered to run a little competition to win a copy of How to Eat Outside. 

We want to see you eating al fresco; so share your pictures of outdoor cooking or eating with us on facebook, twitter or instagram. Simply:
  • Post your image 
  • Tag us (@freshrange for twitter and Instagram) and Genevieve Taylor (@genevieveeats for twitter and Instagram) 
  • Use the hashtag #HowtoEatOutside 
And you will be entered into a prize draw to win my book.

The small print - competition closes on the 7th September. And I should add no money is being changed hands as a result of this cross promotional comp - I like what Fresh Range are doing, and they like my book. Simple.

[* For example - a very topical talking point - Fresh Range pay their milk producers 85% of the price they charge their customers. So If I'm paying £1.59 for 2 litres of milk, the farmers get 85% of that price.]  


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