Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A postcard from the beach

This weekend we whizzed down the M5 to Berrow Beach, near Burnham upon Sea, our favourite place for a 'Big Sky' day. You know the ones, where you can't take a moment more of the city, nor the four walls you live within? I get this feeling often, and when it comes Berrow is the closest place to Bristol to satisfy the urge.

Todays trip was special - after a hearty yomp I got to christen my new toy -  a Bonfire tripod & grill for cooking outside. Fuelled by a little charcoal to get it going and stoked with driftwood gathered by the kids, we cooked up bacon, eggs and beans, and drank coffee in the sand dunes. Me and this new bit of kit have got big plans. What a hoot. And we came home windswept, glowing and smelling of woodsmoke. The perfect way to energise the body and soul for the week ahead.

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