Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A Good Egg arrives!

A very unexpected treat in the post today - an advance copy of A Good Egg plopped on the door mat mid morning. It has been distracting me all day - I cannot stop looking at it and thumbing through - over 24th long months of thinking, planning, testing, writing and photographing, not to mention all that editing and proof reading. Its been a long time in the gestation but my is it worth it. I feel proud - its been a book very close to my heart - and utterly thrilled with how its turned out.

Still a full 2 months until publication, there are only a handful of copies out there. The rest I believe are wrapped up snug in a shipping container on a boat wending its way towards us in the next 3-4 weeks. Hopefully nowhere near pirates, icebergs or tropical storms. It feels a bit odd that its out there somewhere.

So, I just can't help but share my copy - here is a really little sneaky preview, I hope it tempts you.

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