Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The end of the egg-era....

A few more observant people may have noticed that my blog has changed its name - still the same address, just no longer An Egg a Day and now The Urban Kitchen.

I recently handed over the manuscript for my 'egg book', A Good Egg, and it is currently in the capable hands of the editors and designers at my publishers, Transworld. It has been a real labour of love, and I am delighted by how it turned out.

Suddenly I am free from the constraints of writing simply about egg cookery and can now diversify my thoughts to all areas of my cooking and gardening. How liberating and invigorating.

The Urban Kitchen will encompass all my efforts to grow and cook with my own produce. A relative novice to edible gardening, my goal is to eat, come rain or shine, at least one thing a day that I have grown myself. And I hope to build my confidence at my rather amateurish photography skills and include more of my own pictures.

The Urban Kitchen will also have the odd post about other things I am up to, for example in my other job as a food stylist and also stuff I'm doing to promote my books.

Watch this space, and thanks for reading!


September 2012

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