Thursday, 20 October 2011

First photography day for The Joy of Eggs

A busy, busy week, with some lovely Fenland celery recipes, written & styled, and plenty of furious writing for my Soup! book, the deadline for which is looming rather large in my mind.

But today is all about planning and preparation for a truly exciting day tomorrow; the first proper day of photography for The Joy of Eggs book. This is the day when all my hard work gets translated into the pictures that will, literally, bring the book alive. I can see these pictures clearly in my mind, having been thinking about them for weeks now, and am really looking forward to bringing my vision to life.

The shoot is all about autumn and the onset of comfort eating, which to my mind means rich creamy sauces, deep earthy flavours and plenty of edible treats to bring us joy as the nights quickly lengthen into winter. It is also about those wonderful childhood rituals - autumn always was my favourite season of the year. Going back to school, the thrill of a brand new pencil case, crunching through piles of crisp burnt orange leaves, carving pumpkins into friendly monsters, rolling apples in molten toffee, being scared witless by screaming fireworks, the smell of woodsmoke in the air.....

I have many recipes to cook and style, including creamy wild mushrooms with baked eggs, pear & ginger cheesecake, cauliflower bhaji's, sage tagliatelle, a subtly spiced moussaka and some toasted coconut marshmallows. And we shall be eating like kings all weekend.

What does autumn mean to you?


  1. Ooh it all sounds so yummy, I can't wait. I love autumn, it's butternut squash and woolly tights, candles and chocolate and the smell of pine... love it!

  2. Autumn does seem to be so evocative for so many people. I think it goes back to childhood, of being comforted by the small rituals - a mug of steaming hot chocolate thrust into small hands after the walk home from school, being wound in layers of wool to keep the chills at bay. I could go on for hours! Thanks for reading......