Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The 2nd Egg Supper Menu

The holiday season is over, school has started, time for me to get back down to work. And my first priority was to finalise the menu for the 2nd Egg Supper on the 24th September 2011. With a little less than 3 weeks to go, and with the weather in Bristol turning suitably wild and windy, I have been mulling over my early autumn feast. It is much more subtly 'eggy' than the first feast but be assured they are still in there!

So, for those of you who have booked a table, here is what you are having:

Rabbit & prune pate, sweet pickled cucumber with homemade rye bread

Keen’s cheddar & wholegrain mustard croquetas with autumn leaves 

Pork & pears braised in cider, buttered greens

End-of-the-summer Mojito sorbet

Plum & almond crumble with creme anglaise 

........ and for those of you who haven't booked a table I hope it still makes you salivate.

A quick chicken update: The new chickens, Nellie & Peggy, have settled in well and are laying with the best of them. Poor Doris is still with us but the vet think her days are numbered. She is happy, eating well and not suffering so we have agreed to let nature take its course. 

And in other news there is a new addition to the family, a 12 week old rescue puppy of dubious parentage - a little bit lurcher, a little bit collie, a little bit terrier, a little bit who knows?  He came from Swansea so has been named Dylan after that other Swansea boy, Dylan Thomas. So the menagerie continues to grow, life will never be quiet again. But the kids love him, and a puppy has got to be easier than having another baby...... isn't it?!

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