Friday, 11 March 2011

Sat 25th June: An Egg a Day Supper Club

Yesterday I decided to go public with an idea that has been brewing in my mind for some time. I am going to hold a special midsummer night one-off Egg a Day supper club. Expecting one or two positive responses I posted on Twitter that I was thinking about it and was overwhelmed by the almost instant response. 10 people have demanded places already and the event is not for months.

So its now official - SATURDAY 25th JUNE - the first, and possibly only, Egg a Day supper.

I am so excited and spent half of last night awake and planning the menu in my mind. The supper will be held in my courtyard, within view of the chickens themselves, lit only with candles and moonlight, the brazier will be glowing to keep the chills away, the air will be heady with the scent of rose petals and incense. The food and atmosphere will be loosely north african. And eggs, there will be many eggs. I am thinking of crab ravioli with coriander & tomato dressing, shakshouka with merguez & baked eggs, flat bread with garlic & seeds, with cinnamon meringue & hazelnut ice cream, bitter chocolate & cardamon ice cream, orange flower water upside down cake.

There will be gorgeous food, delicious people and wine flowing freely. The rain will stay away. Definitely. I promise.

Do come.


  1. the mere mention of crab ravioli makes me want to come - it's my current obsession (and also my current "must learn how to make").

    really love the concept of your blog - my sister's godmother keeps two chickens (rescue battery hens) and i know she absolutely loves the stream of fresh eggs that come her way. her chickens are a little older though, so she generally only has a "normal" amount of 4-6 eggs a week.

    good luck with your journey & can't wait to read more recipes!

  2. Glad you like the blog - thanks for commenting!