Sunday, 27 February 2011

If the chickens can't come to the kids, take the kids to the chickens

To be honest I feel a little more disconnected from my chickens now they are confined, in the main, to their run. It had to be - I love my garden too much to allow then to decimate it - but it was rather wonderful having them scratching around the flower beds, pecking on the french doors and investigating the cat flap. They seem to like human company, Ellie (the black one) and Doris (the white one) particularly liked a stroke down the back.

So what we have taken to doing is going in with the chickens, well the kids, not me. The design of the run doesn't allow easy access for a creaky-kneed grownup. Izaac & Eve take in handfuls of corn and the hens contentedly peck it of of their hands. It seems to be an OK compromise but we are still hoping they can free range in the garden some of the time. Perhaps when the perennials have grown stronger and the spring shoots are not quite so vulnerable......

More recipes to come very soon - you can look forward to salt & pepper scotch eggs, a sublime deep onion tart and a rhubarb & almond streusel cake. All made & written up in my trusty notebook, just waiting for a spare hour to go from notebook to blog.

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