Monday, 15 November 2010

Damn that cat

So, the girls are now utterly terrified of going outside. Since Saturdays free ranging disaster I have tried twice more to let them out into the garden. They simply don’t want to come. The cat has terrified them into staying in their run. The web has been now use whatsoever. Most people say that chickens and cats get along just fine. Hmm. I guess I am going to have to make their run more interesting whilst I figure out how to tame the moggy.
Anyway, enough about the chickens, where are my eggs?! The girls were brought at ‘point of lay’, which means they are about 18 weeks old and should start laying within a week or two. Its been a week now and I want an egg for my breakfast! Patience has never been my strong point.
I have plenty of ideas about what I shall be doing with my eggs, now I just need them to start a layin’. Here are a few edible things you can look forward to:
Sweet things:
  • Exquisite portuguese egg custard tarts, the perfect thing with a serious coffee, by which I mean super strong and most definitely not, ever, instant
  • Numerous ice creams, including my all-time favourites, rich coffee and bitter burnt orange
  • Proper custard, to be turned into proper trifle, and the legend that is banana custard
  • Creme brulee - a true classic, not to be F’ed about with
  • Lemon meringue pie - a recipes that cleverly use both the yolk and the white
  • Voluminous Ottolenghi-style meringues in all flavours & hues 
  • Profiteroles - they really are that simple 
  • Pancakes, thin flat ones, fat round ones
  • An amazing cake for every weekend of the year (its tradition in our house to always have a cake at the weekend)
Savoury treats:
  • Brik a l’ouef - the amazing never-to-be-forgotten Tunisian fried egg pasty! Delicious.
  • Homemade pasta, all shapes and sizes, and what to do with it - what sauce goes with what shape?
  • Endless delicious ways to make an omelette, including my new faves - feta & parsley, & chorizo & manchego and the legendary omelette Arnold Bennet 
  • Quiches in various guises, including crab & asparagus
  • Moussaka 
  • Mayonnaise, and pungent alioli, curried egg mayonnaise (Mums favourite)
  • Cheats hollandaise, you have to love Delia for this. Works every time.
  • Baked eggs
  • French toast, bacon & maple syrup - the best Sunday breakfast in the world
  • Asparagus & feta brunch muffins
  • Heuvos revueltos - or how the Spanish tart up the humble scrambled egg
I could keep on dreaming up ideas for ever. I just need some sodding eggs. Come on the girls!!!!

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